self care

finding space for self in our digitalised worlds

giving ourselves permission to focus on me

finding time to care for ourselves, whatever that means for us

wondering how this could ever be helpful?

we are all different, have different needs, and maybe different needs for different months or seasons. our needs are also different depending at where we find ourselves in life’s progression.

when looking at self care strategies, i would often work with clients to find something which resonates with them; they are then more likely to try it and maybe commit to it.

and even in the act of seeking to honour oneself, there is something we can take or learn from this process.

i would add that in some respects there is a level of privilege in finding these spaces; if the one thing you need to do to survive the day is get out of bed and take a shower, then maybe that is your self care;
likewise, systems of oppression maybe present for you on a daily basis because of your race, disability, gender/less presentation, or sexuality, and the self care you need to do today is just survive.

and even here,  the acknowledgement of these forces and effect on self may be as useful a starting point.