the way i work & client feedback

the way i work

i am an integrative practitioner which means that i draw on various psychotherapy traditions and integrate them into my practice. for example: psychodynamic counselling, a humanist framework, modern relational theories and cognitive behavioural therapeutic interventions. Integrative therapy takes into account the many different ways of being human and the different systems (personal, political, social, cultural, spiritual, ethical) that we are in. i tailor my practice to suit the client need. my approach is also underpinned by post modern, feminist and queer theory.

in essence, we will work together to get you where you need to be: here, therapy is seen as more of a collaboration than the ‘blank canvas’ approach that traditional psychoanalysis provides, for example. we both bring our histories to the room, and it is in the intersubjective or third space (the space between) where therapy happens and the process of unfolding and healing begins.

and sometimes, you just need a healing space, a safe environment to reflect and explore self, and have a professional who is empathic and knows how to hold the space and mirror this back to you.

if you need further information on how i work, please do not hesitate to contact me through the contact page; i would be happy to answer any questions.

client feedback

‘finally i found a space where i did not feel alone anymore’ – Sam, UK

‘thank you for helping me to find a better version of myself’ – David, UK

‘you are like a father, mother, sister, brother in this room’ – Irene, US

‘you let me be angry here, and not censor it; that really helped me to not be ashamed of my anger anymore, to channel it in a more productive way’ – Matt, DE

‘thanks for everything Phil, really appreciate you giving me some of your time. Best Wishes.’  – May, CA